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Siemens 5SL6320-7 Circuit Breaker Switch 3-pin B 20 A

Siemens 5SL-7 DIN Rail Circuit Breaker Switch, 3-pin, Tripping Characteristic B – Siemens 5SL6320-7, The Siemens 5SL6320-7 is a 3-pin Miniature Circuit Breaker from the 5SL6 Series that is intended for use up to 6kA. This circuit breaker has system features that are characteristic of all Siemens miniature circuit breakers.It is suitable for the quick and easy mounting of additional components, such as auxiliary switches and fault signal contacts. The 5SL6 miniature circuit breaker can also be combined with shunt trips, under voltage releases and arc fault detection devices. It will guarantee the safe disconnection in the event of a short circuit and protect loads and the system from overload. The circuit breaker is also suitable for normal switching duty, with loads that have a small number of switching operations as well as for reliable isolation of the equipment from the supply system. To facilitate cable entry, the device is equipped with rectangular terminals for the accommodation of pin busbars with cables up to 35mm². The circuit breakers is supplied with a rated current of 20A, and a Tripping Characteristic B. Siemens 5SL6320-7 Circuit Breaker Switch 3-pin B 20 A

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