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RF Solutions ZETA-433-SO RF Transceiver Module +13dBm /-116dBm 2KM

RF Solutions ZETA Transceiver Modules – RF Solutions ZETA-433-SO, This SMT, 433MHz, ZETA module from RF Solutions is an extremely cost-effective, high performance radio transceiver module that can transmit or receive at up to 500kbps over a range up to 2000m.Operating between 1.8 and 3.6V, the module monitors its battery voltage and can ‘sleep’ with a very low standby current. The module can ‘wake’ intermittently and provide direct control outputs to a microcontroller making it ideally suited to battery applications.The module will suit one-to-one or multi-node wireless links in applications including car and building security, POS, inventory tracking, remote process monitoring and much more. RF Solutions ZETA-433-SO RF Transceiver Module +13dBm /-116dBm 2KM

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