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Microchip DM164120-2 PICkit 2 44-Pin Demo Board

Microchip PICkit 2 Demonstration Boards and Debug Express – Microchip DM164120-2, This demonstration board is fitted with a PIC16F887 microcontroller and is designed to demonstrate 44-pin TQFP Flash devices. A surface mount prototyping area is provided and the board includes 8x LEDs, a push button switch and a potentiometer. A 6-pin ICSP header is provided in order to be able to program devices using PICkit 2 or 3 programmers. Also included are samples of PIC16F1939 and PIC18F46K22 MCUs. The preassembled board has been preprogrammed with a demonstration program that uses inputs from a push button and a potentiometer to produce a sequence of lights from the onboard LEDs. Microchip DM164120-2 PICkit 2 44-Pin Demo Board

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